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Gilde Brewery

About us

Authentic German Brewing, now in Charlotte North Carolina. Our brewery features a top-of-the-line German-made brewhouse combined with authentic German cuisine, creating a unique and immersive experience from your first sip to your last.

We bring over 475 years of brewing history and German heritage to Charlotte with Gilde Brewery! We create an authentic German experience through our bier and food.

Our legacy began in Hannover, Germany in 1526 by our founder, Cord Broyhan. On a mission to create the purest and lightest beer Germans have ever tasted, Broyhan trademarked his recipe, branding every bottle with a “Broyhan Taylor” (rooster icon). In 1546, when other brewers copied his recipe, the town of Hannover created a guild (pronounced Gil-deh in German) to regulate the quality of the beer and the brewing techniques. Thus, the Gilde brand was born, a legacy in the making.


Our hometown of Hannover, Germany has a unique connection to Charlotte’s namesake, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was also the electress and Queen of Hannover. Making Charlotte the natural choice to establish our first American brewery.

Experience the centuries-old, traditional German brewing heritage combined with the American craft beer movement right here in Lower SouthEnd.